Partner with The Search Group, and You will save time & money.

Whenever you have a need within your corporation to obtain new or additional professionals for a specific position, you don’t have time to waste with recruiters who don’t know your industry. You need someone that can find you qualified, competent individuals that can hit the ground running from day one.

Our team is comprised of industry specialists, from your industry, with many years of experience. Working with you, we will introduce you to the best talent possible to fill your needs.

We offer the following types of search arrangements depending upon the nature and complexity of the

  • Retained Search
    The most all-inclusive search process for more complex, confidential, higher level or national searches.
  • Contingency Search
    This service is offered when a client has multiple searches and/or the search is confined to a local geographical area.
  • Modified Retained
    In some instances the nature and level of the search assignment falls between the more standard retained & contingency arrangements and we strive to offer a middle ground.

Services Offered by The Search Group

  • First, we listen: We learn your needs and gain an understanding of your vision of a successful
    candidate. During the initial meeting, we review your organization, culture, and other pertinent information. Significant information is the gathered to formulate a complete job description.
  • Original research: An initial Search begins through networking. All potential industry
    sources are identified and direct contact is made on your behalf.
  • Direct contact: Selecting a specific competitor or candidate when you request it.
  • Candidate selection: Profile and Interview Candidates: Potential candidates who match your profile are first telephone screened and thoroughly interviewed. During our interviews, we assess each prospective candidate, evaluating their experience, compensation requirements, career goals, and most importantly, their interest in the position.
  • Presentation of candidates: Introduction of only the most qualified candidates are presented to you for your along with resumes and written profiles of each candidate.
  • Contact assistance: Assistance in setting up initial phone and personal interviews between you and the selected candidate is completed. We then follow up with each candidate, and then you, our client – ensuring that all questions or concerns are identified and resolved. A final review is then conducted with you to assist in selecting the candidate of choice.
  • Employment Offer Intercession: The Search Group will aid in structuring an equitable compensation package and other components of your employment offer. We also act as a facilitator to resolve issues such as relocation, benefits, severance agreements, etc.